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Who Is An Insured Under My Auto Policy?

Aug 16

Written by: Wright Insurance
8/16/2017 9:43 AM  RssIcon

In the State Of Wisconsin ALL parties living in your household are insured under your personal auto policy, unless they have their own coverage elsewhere. So it is important that an agent knows who resides in your household and if this status would ever change, as an insurance company has the right to charge for this exposure.

You may also give another person not living in your household permission to drive your vehicle under your insurance policy. The only caution here is that if this person has an accident with your vehicle your rates will go up even though you did not have the accident. The other persons driving record will show the accident entry though.

Case in point: We had a client that forgot to tell us her son had moved out, when she did finally tell us her premium went down by $600.00 every six months as her son had a bad driving record.


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